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Stage 1


       Your core engine (or we can supply one for an additional charge) is disassembled and thermal cleaned. All components are mag tested (where appropriate) and visually inspected.

       ARP main studs are installed and the main journals are align honed.

       The block is set up in a CNC machining center where the head gasket surfaces are machined parallel to each other and square to the main journals, the cylinders are bored and blue printed for size and location.

       ARP head studs are installed and torque plates are used to simulate the distortion of the block that would normally occur when a cylinder head is torqued in place. This method insures that the finished cylinders will be round and true.

       The front (2) 5mm alignment pins are removed from the crank and slots are machined to accept 5mm alignment keys. This provides substantially more surface area for the oil pump drive and the harmonic damper. The crank, reluctor wheel, harmonic damper and flywheel are installed on the crank and the whole assembly is digitally balanced.

       The engine is assembled, valve covers to oil pan, flywheel to damper, using genuine GM gaskets and seals along with the following new components:


1)    SoCal Diesel Cut And Coated Pistons.

2)    Carrillo Forged Rods.

3)    Mahle High Performance Main, Rod, Cam and Thrust Bearings.

4)    ARP Head And Main Studs.

5)    SoCal Diesel Stage 1 Cylinder Heads.

6)    SoCal Diesel Super Damper.

7)    SoCal Diesel Custom Camshaft.

8)    New GM Water Pump With Welded Impeller/Gear And New GM Oil Cooler.



 **Optional powder coating of valve covers, intake manifolds, front and rear engine covers, upper oil pan.


Stage 2

For The Competitive Sled Puller, Drag Racer Or Dual Purpose Street Truck That Wants To Take It To The Next Level.

Includes everything in Stage 1 above, with the following:

       Heads are upgraded to Stage 2 cylinder heads with titanium retainers.

       Chrome-moly pushrods.

       SoCal Diesel Billet Flex Plate.

       SoCal Diesel Rocker Stud Kit.


**Optional Forged Pistons**

** Optional Billet Main Caps**

** Optional Main Cap Girdle**

** Optional 625 Material Head Studs**

** Optional 14mm Head Studs**

**Optional Internally Balanced Crankshaft** 



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