Duramax Injectors



Stock Flow Injectors

LB7 Set of 8

LLY Set of 8

LBZ Set of 8

**Above injectors can be purchased individually.**


     Quality Injectors remanufactured and calibrated by Bosch.

     Don’t be fooled by low cost alternatives.

     These include the latest revisions to the injector bodies and tips in order to improve injector life.


Modified Flow Injectors


     Duramax injectors typically run in excess of 23,000 psi of fuel rail pressure. At these pressures, even the smallest deviations in the injector body and/or nozzle have drastic effects on flow and spray pattern.


     Modified diesel injectors are nothing new, however what is new, is the equipment needed to properly modify, test and calibrate common rail diesel injectors. Testing the injectors at the same pressures and pulse widths that they will operate under is critical to the engines life and power output. Quite frankly, extrude honing a set of nozzles, blowing 200 psi of air though them to verify flow and screwing them onto an injector body is a bit like throwing a dart at the wall and hoping for a bulls eye. The chances that the spray pattern and fuel flow will be consistent from injector to injector at 23,000+ psi are not very good.


     At SoCal Diesel we wet flow test and calibrate each individual injector/nozzle combination under the same conditions it will operate under. This means we calibrate at idle, as well as for part throttle and WOT parameters.


     Describing an injector in terms of HP increases is a sure sign you are dealing with a shop that has no clue what the actual flow is supposed to be. This is old school diesel technology at it’s finest. Where someone at sometime threw a set of nozzles on a stock truck and it made 50 or 100 more hp. Does this really tell you anything about the fuel flow needed to make the desired power for your application?


     At SoCal Diesel we describe the injector flow as percentages over stock at WOT pressures and pulse widths. We match the fuel flow of a modified injector to the increase in airflow and the power level desired. It’s a pretty simple concept, if you’re looking for a 100% increase in power it stands to reason your are going to need to increase the fuel and air flow of your engine proportionately. Increasing fuel flow to the engine can be done electronically with tuning to a certain extent, however extremely high pulse widths can significantly increase EGTs and reduce engine durability.


We have modified injectors to support any power level desired. Currently up to 250% over stock, with 360% over currently in testing. Give us a call, we’d be happy to discuss your project with you and make a recommendation on what we feel would be best for your application.




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