SoCal Diesel Equipment And Services


Located in beautiful Southern California 40 miles North of Los Angeles in the City of Valencia, SoCal Diesel is a leading manufacturer/supplier of high performance engines and parts for GM Duramax Diesel engines. SoCal Diesel also provides product design and manufacturing services to other companies both inside and outside of the automotive industry.


Our in house manufacturing arsenal includes:

Three 5 axis CNC Machining Centers.

Three 4 axis CNC Machining Centers.

Faro Platinum Digitizing Arm.

Renishaw Digitizing System.

Three different versions of the latest CAD/CAM software necessary to digitize, model and machine our components.

Newen Contour CNC Valve Seat And Guide Machining Center.

CWT Crankshaft Balancing Machine.

Flow WaterJet System.

SuperFlow 1020 Flow Bench.

SuperFlow Black Widow Engine Dyno.



27833 Avenue Hopkins Suite #6
Valencia, CA 91355
Phone (661) 775-5620
Fax (661) 775-5961