Duramax Pistons

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Duramax OEM Ring Sets

       OEM ring sets featuring steel top rings, not the lesser expensive less durable cast rings.

       Available in std bore, +.020, +.040.



Cast Pistons

Mahle OEM replacement piston kits feature steel top ring lands and Keystone style top rings. They are 17.5:1 compression. Originally used in 2001-2005 LB7 and LLY engines. We also recommend using these pistons when rebuilding 2006+ LBZ and LMM engines. These kits come complete with 8 new pistons, rings, wrist pins and wrist pin clips.

       Available in the following bore sizes: std, +.020 and +.040




Cut And Coated Cast Pistons


Starting with the same piston kit as described above, the contour of the piston bowls are CNC machined and shaped for better fuel distribution and durability when using increased injector pulse widths and increased timing maps. 16.8:1 compression. Valve pockets can be machined upon request.

The tops of the pistons are coated with a thermal barrier to protect the piston from extreme heat. The piston skirts are coated with a dry film lubricant to reduce friction.

These are the perfect piston for today’s dual purpose “daily driven” performance truck.

       Available in the following bore sizes: std, +.020 and +.040



Mahle Forged Pistons

Mahle and SoCal Diesel have combined to bring you the best forged Duramax piston on the market today.

These pistons feature 2mm top rings to promote better sealing and heat transfer out of the piston. The top ring lands are hard anodized to reduce wear.

Piston skirts are coated with a dry film lubricant to reduce friction.

Featuring .075 deep valve pockets for high lift cams.

Available in compression ratios from 14:1 to 19:1.

Available in bore sizes from std bore (4.055) to +.130 (4.185).

Popular bore sizes, strokes and compression ratios in stock, please allow 3-4 weeks for custom orders.




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